- Water based bituminous primer


- 18/1 kg./ Tin Box


- On vertical and horizontal surfaces


  • - Application surface should be dry and free from oil, diesel, fuel oil and other chemical substances.
  • - (1:3 ratio) should be mixed with water and applied on surface by a brush.(400gr/m²)
  • - If the temper is thick, use hot water to refine. ( between 10% to 15%)
  • - After application, color of concrete surface will be light brown.
  • - After application wash the brush and rolls with warm water.
  • - After use, close the cover of the tin box tightly.
  • - Diesel can be removed by toluen and trichlorethylene.


Can be kept securely upto 1 year before opening of the cover. (between +5ºC and 30ºC)

Properties Standards Unit Values
Density TS 132 gr/cm³ 1,04
Vaporization Residuary TS 132 % 55
Waste Substance Ash Content TS 132 % 20
Water Content TS 132 % 55
Flammability TS 132   Non flammable
Duration of Stabilizing TS 132 hour Max 24 
Heat Flow (100ºC) TS 132   No Flow
Flexibility (0ºC) TS 132   No Cracking
Direct Flame Test  TS 132   Scorching at point
Water Resistance TS 132   Irrevocable to emulsion state

 The technical data provided above is prepared with reference to the declaration of manufacturer.

Technical Datasheets (PDF)