Cool Stoper cools you with 15% saving !

Cool Roof Membrane

Stop feeling suffocated!

Cool Stoper cools you with 15% saving !

  • Cool Stoper   brings you cool and healthy weather this summer.
  • Your summers are COOLER, more COMFORTABLE and more ECONOMICAL with Cool Stoper
  • All of the roofs in the world are in dark colors. Sunlight can reach 90°C of a dark roof. Energy cost to cool down a building is rather high. Cool Stoper prevents temperature rise up to 90% thanks to reflector foil on its surface.
  • Energy efficient CoolStoper gives your roof white color with elegant appearance.

  • In addition to roof waterproofing, it saves up 15% energy use in cooling the building by decreasing the energy absorbed by the building.
  • Highly reflector. It meets more than 75% of the reflecting values in accordance with the requirements of California Energy Efficiency Standards-Title 24.
  • Characteristics of White Foil

    Test Standard


    Initial Test

    3 years aging test

    ASTM C 1371

    Standard test method for determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room Temperature Using Portable Emissometers

    Thermal Emmittance 0.84

    Thermal Emmittance 0.84

    ASTM C 1549

    Standard test method for determination of Solar Reflectance Near Ambient Temperature Using Portable Solar Reflectometer

    Solar Reflectance 0.86

    Solar Reflectance 0.86

  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions, protects performance for long years. Foil exposure test  to environment equal to 10 years has been carried out in accordance with ASTM G90 and proven to ve suitable for climates of high humidity and excessive rain.
  • Can be used for deck roofs and inclined roofs.
  • It can be attached with blow-pipes like normal membranes. No need for extra workmanship and equipment. It is possible to produce it as self-adhesive when requested.
  • It is an eco-friendly product. Excess carbon dioxide in atmosphere catches sun rays before falling down to the earth and heats atmosphere. Some of the rays heat the earth. However, it is possible to send back some of the rays and take measure against global warming thanks to Cool Stoper .
  • Provides healthier and more comfortable living areas.
  • Both economical and aesthetic.


Technical Datasheets (PDF)