SolarStoper is a high quality bituminious waterproofing membrane integrated with flexible thin film photovoltaic solar panels.

  • - Optimal utilization of almost the total surface of roof even at inappropriate roof orientations like vaults and diffused radiation.
  • - Lower surface weight
  • - Energy gain at the roof additional to waterproofing
  • - Optimal electrical energy production with superior thin film amorphous silicon cell and triple junction technology
  • - Power generation proportional with the area of roof
  • - Long life through usage of high quality material
  • - The turn key contract option by solving waterproofing and energy connection once by experienced Stoper staff
  • - Quick connection (stick, connect and switch on)
  • - Safe electrical connection system resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • - Through usage of infinite sustainable energy source sun instead of fossil fuels, protection of environment and conservation of homeland resources and economy.
  • - When compared with other solid solar panels, Savings due to the fact that SolarStoper does not necessitate the usage of additional waterproofing material and fixing brackets.
  • - High performance also at high temperatures


Values are given for a single photovoltaic panel which takes 1000 W/m2 radiant solar power at 25°C cell temperature, 1,5 air mass spectrum, in other words at normal conditions. Power tolerance is ±5%.

The dimensions below are cm.

Technical Datasheets (PDF)